RBI must set a new path for India's troubled banks

Forty-nine years after Indira Gandhi nationalised the  banks, life for a banker, more so in public sector banks, appears grim. A Union minister&rsq...


Pak Punjab is the real battleground: It can make or break Im...

Imran Khan thought he was there in 2013, but it was not to be. He claimed that the elections were stolen. He won’t accept defeat and was willing to go...


Mystic Mantra: Knowledge is the key to happiness

Knowledge is the key to overcome sorrow, pain, grief, depressions, anxiety, fear etc and is also the key to gain happiness, success and spiritual evolution.Insu...


Chemistry of a thaw at encounter in Helsinki

America’s President Donald Trump arrived in Helsinki on Monday after a dust-up with the US’ Nato allies about their inadequate commitment to...


If Nato were to collapse, would it really be such a bad thin...

The chronicle of a disaster foretold: that’s one way of looking at Donald Trump’s recent foray into Europe.At the headquarters of the North ...


Shocker by Islamic clerics

It’s simply outrageous that Muslim women daring to speak out against triple talaq and halala — the shocking medieval practice of a woman div...


To deter lynch mobs, enforce existing laws

The Supreme Court’s anguish about the recurrence of incidents of “mobocracy” in lynching people is understandable. The judges&...


It is projected that In India User base in English by 2021 will be 199 million while Indian language internet user base will grow to 536 million, or 75 percent of India's internet user base. Nine out of every ten new internet user in India over next 5 years are likely to be Indian language user. Indian language user are defined as literate user who prefer primary language to read, write and converse. The country's constitution has 22 official languages. According to census report 53.6% of Indian population speak Hindi either as first or second language, in which 41% of them have declared it as their native language or mother tongue. 12.6% Indians declared that they can speak English as . . .


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