I'd Love to Expand My Fashion Line to India: Alexa Chung

In 2010, she became the face of Pepe Jeans and designed a bag for Mulberry.


Commutes on foot or bike tied to lowered risk of heart attac...

Commuters who abandon their cars in favour of walking or biking to work are less likely to develop heart disease or to die from it than people who drive to the ...


Exercise Your Legs For Healthy Brain

Reducing exercise makes it difficult for the body to produce new nerve cells.


Genetic diversity boosts resistance to diseases

Modifying the adage 'Unity in Diversity' to 'Genetic Diversity makes populations immune to diseases


Study reveals dinosaur killing asteroid wiped out first tree...

The asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs from the Earth about 66 million years ago also led to the extinction of the first tree-dwelling birds, a study has found.&...


Dance is not just natyam, its life, says danseuse Dr Rekha R...

Renowned danseuse Dr Rekha Raju is in the city for the annual Madhurita Sarang Music and Dance Festival slated to take place on May 29. Dr Raju who will perform...


Wear Right Gear For Comfortable Workouts

Keep moving!


Summer Decor Ideas That Are Light On Your Pocket

Infuse some tropical vibes to your home!


Doomed white rhino could save species from beyond grave

According to reports the last male northern white rhino could save his subspecies going extinct from beyond the grave.Sudan, the last male white rhino died in m...


World Thyroid Day: Women More Likely To Have Thyroid Disorde...

Women are eight times more likely to develop thyroid disorder than men.


Tips To Prolong Life Of Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Don't let the changing seasons wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture.


Love Your Jewellery? Treat It With Love Too

Don't just dump your jewellery in a box after taking it off.


Nipah Scare: What is Nipah Virus and How to Be Safe from It

These practices can help you avoid contracting the brain-damaging Nipah virus.


Don't eat bitter pumpkin, study warns after women lose hair

Paris: A doctor warned Friday that bitter-tasting pumpkins and squashes can contain potent toxins, after two women were poisoned by their dinners and lost most ...


Leg exercise vital for healthy brain, says study

London: Regularly moving your legs, especially when bearing weight, is essential for the production of healthy neural cells, essential for the brain and nervous...


Walk and chew gum to stay thin, says study

Paris: Still looking for the secret to effortless weight loss? It may be as simple as chewing gum while walking, Japanese researchers suggested on Saturday.In e...


Food insecurity linked to type 2 diabetes risk

People who cannot afford to eat regularly or to eat a healthy diet have more than double the average risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study suggests.To red...


Women who freeze eggs to delay childbirth often feel regret

For the past four years, since Facebook and Apple began paying for employees to freeze their eggs to delay childbirth, healthy women are increasingly trying to ...


Lines of Thought: Dr Naresh’s first collection of Hindi ghaz...

Top News Ensuring a student's good health: What parents can do to helpTaking right care of your two-wheeler requires more than just regular serviceBuying a ...


Diet diary: Grandma’s copper wisdom

When your grandmother kept a copper jug on her bedside, she sure had good reasons to. Ayurveda recommends the use of copper for storing drinking water. Copper i...


It is projected that In India User base in English by 2021 will be 199 million while Indian language internet user base will grow to 536 million, or 75 percent of India's internet user base. Nine out of every ten new internet user in India over next 5 years are likely to be Indian language user. Indian language user are defined as literate user who prefer primary language to read, write and converse. The country's constitution has 22 official languages. According to census report 53.6% of Indian population speak Hindi either as first or second language, in which 41% of them have declared it as their native language or mother tongue. 12.6% Indians declared that they can speak English as . . .


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